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Sophie Gravel
President - CEO

I was given the opportunity to assemble an extremely talented group of individuals in this new adventure called
Plan B Games. 

Let me introduce you to my new dream team...

email icon.png sophie@planbgames.com
 +1 450 897 0355
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Andrea Ahlers
Foreign Affairs Manager

Unanimously recognized as the Best "der Welt" (worldwide) in her discipline, Andrea literally makes us shine ! Through her craftsmanship and loyal network of partners, Catan and Pandemic brands were brought to unsurpassed levels of sales and visibility in markets spread over 30 languages.
She inspires me, and many other people around her every day.

email icon.png andrea@planbgames.com
 +49 711 550 600 11
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Geneviève Blouin
Managing Director

Geneviève runs our little hive of 9.  While she is a well-seasoned high-level manager from another industry, Geneviève decided to join Plan B to be part of something young, fresh, exciting, with the future laying in front of it like an endless Spring day. She is commited to making each one of our wings flap relentlessly and in the same direction.

email icon.png genevieve@planbgames.com
 +1 450 897 0355
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Martin Bouchard
Lead Designer

An endless source of inspiration and motivation for everyone he touches, Martin creates what I call "purple snowflakes". They come in all shades and forms and are sure to surprise you with their ingenuity every time.
Martin cheers to all my plans, the good ones and the bad ones, and replies ‘ At what time is the flight ?” when I inform him we are going to hell.

email icon.png martin@planbgames.com
 +1 450 897 0355
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Lyne Bouthillette
Lead Communications

If Lyne did not exist, we would have had to invent her. Her energy and devotion is beyond the human realm of imagination.
She would convince an apple tree to grow cherries, should we ever need it.

email icon.png lyne@planbgames.com
 +1 450 897 0355
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Philippe Guérin
Graphic Designer

Philippe is an amazing multi-talented artist who keeps surprising us day after day. He shares his passion between music and graphic design and he self-teaches whatever is needed for him to go further and further on his artistic journey.
Philippe designs what we dream of.

email icon.png philippe@planbgames.com
 +1 450 897 0355
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Chris Quilliams

Our very own Winnie-the-Pooh with a magic pencil. Chris is consumed by his passion for drawing... and even spends his free time trying to teach the rest of us how to hold a pencil !
Although he comes from the coldest city in Canada, Winnipeg, he is the sweetest and warmest human being ever. Chis has previously drawn for Dark Horses Comics, Games Workshop and Z-Man Games.

email icon.png chris@planbgames.com
 +1 450 897 0355
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Karla Ron
Graphic Designer

Karla likes the colour blue, maintains a blog on the ups and down of raising 4 children (among which there are 2 years old triplets !), and shames us all by still looking like she is 25 years old walking in to work every morning.
Her sun-filled Venezuelian accent and her joyful spirit cast a permanent spell of happiness all-around. Karla has an eye for what is beautiful, balanced and ultimately touching.

email icon.png karla@planbgames.com
 +1 450 897 0355
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Katja Wienicke
Foreign Affairs Assistant

An discreet gamer and dedicated collaborator to our foreign partners, Katja spreads her interest in everything with a big smile and sparkling eyes.
Even though she clearly admits to having a favorite colleague among us (Philippe), she is sooo enthusiastic about everything, from TV series to yellow school buses, that we strongly suspect she has 8 other favorites.

email icon.png katja@planbgames.com
 +49 711 550 600 10
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