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The Century trilogy closes with Century: A New World!

US$ 39.99

Century: A New World brings a satisfying conclusion to the epic Century series!  Century: A New World was designed by acclaimed designer, Emerson Matsuuchi and illustrated by Chris Quilliams. Players will travel the New World in an effort to explore the frontier wilderness while collecting various goods and trading with the native inhabitants. Fans of the series will be happy to discover that Century: A New World mixes with all the previous Century titles for a combination of 4 unique rulesets!


• 6 Double-sided Location Boards
• 4 Player Boards
• 48 Wooden Workers
• 56 Cards
• 10 Exploration Tiles
• 25 Bonus Tiles
• 4 Bowls
• 105 Wooden cubes
• 4 rulebooks

Estimated Delivery Date : Late-June/Early July 2019

ORIGINS 2019: Pre-orders placed on this website are NOT elligible for pick-up at Origins Game Fair.
Age 8+
Number of Players 2 - 4
Playing time 30 - 45

Century_ANW - EN Rules

Century_ANW - English Rules

Download (4.77M)

Century_ANW - C3+C1 EN Rules

Century_ANW - C3+C1 English Rules

Download (4.23M)

Century_ANW - C3+C2 EN Rules

Century_ANW - C3+C2 English Rules

Download (6.34M)

Century_ANW - C3+C2+C1 EN Rules

Century_ANW - C3+C2+C1 English Rules

Download (5.07M)

Century_ANW - FR Rules

Century_ANW - French Rules

Download (4.88M)

Century_ANW - C3+C1 FR Rules

Century_ANW - C3+C1 French Rules

Download (6.25M)

Century_ANW - C3+C2 FR Rules

Century_ANW - C3+C2 French Rules

Download (6.98M)

Century_ANW - C3+C2+C1 FR Rules

Century_ANW - C3+C2+C1 French Rules

Download (4.24M)

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